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Saturday, November 01, 2014

My Choices this November

Even though it is never a surprise who I plan to support during elections I'll share my vote and the reasoning behind my choices. In years past I have voted Green, Republican, and Democrat but this year given the issues and how the parties have aligned themselves, I'll be voting straight ticket.

Connie Johnson for US Senate: Oklahoma has an unusual situation where because Sen. Coburn is retiring early, we have 2 senate races. Connie Johnson could fill that seat and she was easy to get excited about because of her track record as a progressive champion of causes in the state senate and her issues based campaign. There are few progressive events and causes that I've been a part of where Connie was not involved with and given a public voice to.

Matt Silverstein for US Senate: Matt is running against Sen. Inhofe, which by definition makes him a favorite for me. But I was worried initially because as he started his campaign he seemed to want to avoid talking about issues and only focus on a generic change in Washington. But he won me over in the last few months by picking up on economic justices issues in particular. Both are much needed voices in Washington.

Joe Dorman for Governor: His avoidance of social issues, especially as marriage equality has become a reality in the state worries me. But Oklahoma has faced some of the worst education cuts in the nation and he plans to reverse that. And he has campaigned for Medicaid expansion which would insure 144,000 Oklahomans in one fell swooped.

Cathy Cummings for Lt. Governor :has run the kind of campaign I wish could happen more. She has visited every community and nook and cranny of the state, using in person meetings over advertising to reach people. And she has run on the issue of wages and the need for a living wage. In Oklahoma, which has one of the lowest incomes in the country, this is essential if our state is going to build a middle class.

Other Races: Joe Cox for Superintendent of Instruction with his experience in the public schools and his support of protecting teacher's retirements as well as resisting the "teach to the test" formulas. Mike Workman for Labor Commission and Bert Smith for US Congress who stands with the labor movement. But I need advice on the judicial races. Feel free to message me about them.