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Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Day

A few things worth noting for Martin Luther King today. Here's a link to some MLK quotes which highlight his thought. And here's a piece which situates King within a complex set of relations on the left, in the social gospel, and in the work of Reinhold Niebuhr.

The only thing missing is the personalist tradition which King picked up from at Boston University. Personalism, has much of the same metaphysical commitments as process theology does but it takes God's personality, our own, the universes' as central to defining not just what should be but what is.

Admittedly I'm apt to think that this is an over extension of the term. Much of the universe strikes me as "indifferent" if not an obstacle to the development of personality. Personal consciousness is quite an unusual thing which has developed in the history of our planet.

Thus I can see the ethical import that King and other personalists derived from importance of creating the conditions by which persons can develop but I'm not sure I can share the metaphysics behind it. I'm too much of a hide bound naturalist on that score.

But I think as a tradition it's worth noting, being attentive to, and drawing what resources we can from it as well from the social gospel movement, the democratic left, etc. Otherwise all we'll have is a sanitized King that fails to challenge our society. And that would be the worst response to his legacy.


At 3:14 AM , Blogger DrKeithCurrie said...

Happy Martin Luther King day. We always lost golden time and man but unfortunately we can't realized that. Let us try to be another one. Let us Salute to KING.

At 6:06 PM , Blogger info said...

I am ashamed to say that I didn't know what a "personalist" was and am delighted to have learned something new. I can look back over time now and pick all of the people with personalism leanings out and clearly see those who did not believe this principle. I think I am a personalist. Amazing what we don't know. Thanks for the education.

At 6:16 AM , Anonymous Matt Smalls said...

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At 11:18 AM , Anonymous Marycix said...

Martin Luther King a great and wonderful man!

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