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Monday, February 16, 2009

Quote of the day

We can reinvest our resources into campus ministries — reviving existing ones and launching new ones. Is a college that lacks a Presbyterian witness located within ten miles of your church? Do any colleges existing within the bounds of your presbytery lack an active Presbyterian student organization? Then you have some work to do.

This quote from Presbyterian Outlook could apply to all mainline protestant denominations at this point.


At 2:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Dwight,

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At 2:45 PM , Blogger Marleen said...

Dwight, interesting that you should mention this as I was talking today to a colleague about the move by organizations to hide their Christian identities in order that their ministries might catch on. A different issue, to be sure, but a related one.

It pains me that “Christian” has become a dirty word. But as we all know, the word "Christian" is cultural shorthand for Biblical literalist, hypocrite, and/or bigot.

In a recent conversation, a 19-year-old college student explained to me why she thought that the word "Christian" should not be used by a particular Christian organization that is involved in social justice work here. She said that if the word "Christian" is attached to it, no one will know what a “cool” organization it is. In other words, no one will learn of and then participate in its important work.

The word “Christian” or the mention of any denomination (which is meaningless to most young people outside of it, except that it means Christian) would also imply that there was some hidden conversion agenda to that organization.

Following this advice is admitting defeat. It means losing the word “Christianity” once and for all to the fundamentalists. However, it's becoming clear that rejecting that advice means limiting the scope of our ministries and that's self-defeating as well.

At one point are we ready to lose our Christian identity in order to effectively do Christ's work?

At 8:31 AM , Blogger Dwight said...

I suspect the problem is that there is something tied up with how the church engages the world, social justice wise, with it's faith. That is, the church isn't like any other social service agency or left political group because its purposes and reasons for what it's doing has a religious bent to them the resources it draws from gives indication of that. Once the word Christian is lost, you're right that the word Christian is then lost and given over to the fundamentalists but also I think it soon transforms the group into a secular one, which while doing good work, will loose out on those religious resources that made it vital in the first place.

An example: The YMCA does great work in communities. Even has a name of course indicating it's Christian heritage. But it no longer provides a religious grounding for young folks. Btw that grounding was thoroughly progressive, interfaith, etc But where do kids get that today? There are some secular groups that try to fill in the gap but mainly it's fundamentalists who have taken that call up. And that means that an alternative religious resource was shut down, doesn't exist, isn't an option.

In the case of the Gaia House of course, they don't do anything uniquely Christian (no worship, no Bible study) but my beef with that is a.there is a need for a liberal protestant presence at SIU. That was their original founding basis, so it's a shame that there is that vacuum now and b.They continue to receive funding from the churches (and in their fundraising letters it's clear they present themselves as if that is what they are doing) So honesty and transparency (or the lack there of) adds to the problems of that campus ministry.

Those are some initial thoughts, but interested in what further thoughts you might have on this?


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