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Thursday, January 08, 2009

God and Morality

Atheist Ethicist raises an interesting idea: "Even if there were a God the moral implications would be nothing more than to note that the moral universe is larger by one person – a person who has no more rights than any other person

"– a person who counts as one person in all moral calculations – a person that is good to the degree that he has desires that tend to fulfill other desires, and evil to the degree that he has desires that tend to thwart other desires."

My response: I'd want to use the word interest over desire. Our desires may not always be fitting to what is in our best interest or others. So using the latter word can give us the chance to speak of the good even if we are not always in a position to recognize it as such.

I'm a theist and I was wondering what you thought of this idea? God is not an extra person with his or her own interests, desires, etc. But God is simply the name for the most comprehensive fulfillment of all interests, etc to the degree that they can cohere.

I'd rather not identify God as some separate entity apart from the good. The good apart from God is not relevant to morality. God as the good makes God the whole point (not the belief in God but the ideal behind the belief; ie the most complete maximization of good)