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This site hopefully can provide some vehicle by which I can comment, complain, and once in a while praise the state of religion in this country and around the world from a liberal protestant perspective.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blog Update

First, there's the prospect for this blog. I've enjoyed the run since 2003 and envision wanting to do further blogging. But somehow I need to work this out in a way which fits with seminary and my job.

I've thought of doing more links and less reflection. Often come across some great stuff even when I don't feel I have time to write but the appeal to that format can be limited as well. But something will be in the works because this has been a great platform for me.

I still don't envision much blogging this month. I have finals this week at seminary and then soon after I'll be headed to Norway until early January to visit a former foster family. Looking forward to it, but blogging will have to be a new years resolution.

In the mean time; I never noted my hope and anticipation with Obama's election on this site. But I sometimes update my face book page, so any readers who are interested in connecting that way works for me. And we'll see what 2009 holds for us all. Thanks!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Disciple's Non-Creedalism

Get Religion has a piece on a pub church that is looking to affiliate with the Disciples of Christ because it's non creedal and a recognizable protestant denomination. What followed were snide comments about the 60s, liberalism, and creeds.

My response: The Disciples of Christ’s non creedalism is not a new thing, it helps define almost all of the Stone-Cambellite churches since they originated. It doesn’t mean that individuals don’t have religious beliefs or that congregations don’t have a general sensibility.

To be non creedal simply means that there are no tests for membership, outside affirming that Jesus is the son of God, thus the slogan “No Creed, But Christ.” This is not a uniquely liberal sentiment. It’s a basic and historic presupposition of a range of protestant bodies.

And while he Disciples may not be the most recognized name in Protestantism, they do include folks like the head of the NCC and other noted religious leaders. We hardly deserve to be dismissed in the way that this piece and the following comments have done.