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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Election Notes

I've been largely absent from the blog as I've been going to seminary full time and working full time. I'm trying to figure out how to situate the blog in that kind of schedule. We'll see how that goes. On to politics:

Obama is doing pretty well with Christian voters. Obama is winning mainline Protestant voters by 53% to 44%. He's leading among Catholics 49% to 44%. The only religious group that goes for McCain are white evangelicals, which he is leading 68% to 22%.

The big shift in evangelical voting patterns hasn't happened. But the outreach to religious voters has some dividends as Obama is seen as friendlier to religion than McCain is among most Americans. But ultimately economic anxieties are the engine behind the numbers today.

And because of this the big focus on religion has dissipated a bit. That's good since it means religious voters are engaged with issues and concerns that all Americans share. But the hard work needed on other issues (like women's health?) should not and cannot be sidelined.


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