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Saturday, October 18, 2008


One piece claims that freethinkers can never use words like right, wrong, moral, sin, etc. A cautionary note for those who trade in absolutes but hasn't discernment been compromised with the loss of such terms?

How does one speak of profound evil, another word one is not supposed to say, in the face of the holocaust, the transatlantic slave trade, or young women killed for "honor" in many places? Religious or not, we shouldn't throw away the possibility for moral judgments.

Is there any democratic, small d, agency that is not under attack by the right? Unions, community groups, etc. are all the "enemy". Awhile ago I applied for a job with ACORN. The big issue they focused on was improving safety in northern St. Louis. That's the bad guys now?

The political season is driving me to despair. The red baiting, dividing America between pro versus anti-Americans, describing one's opponents as terrorist supporters. If the GOP claws out a victory with this poisonous rhetoric, something will have been lost in this country.

It's all the more important for why Obama's victory is needed. Outside of any policy divides, or issues over competence, there is the basic question of whether dividing this country to win elections (a division I've felt in my own family life) will be rewarded or not.


At 5:27 AM , Anonymous Tim said...

And amazingly, there are patently obvious rights & wrongs for freethinkers.

The most obvious moral principle is "is it good for the species?", by which an atheist can live at least as well as someone of religious allegiance.

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