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Friday, October 17, 2008


One site asks: "I doubt Jesus was born of a virgin. I doubt the bible is an accurate representation of events. I doubt we can really know exactly what Jesus did or said? Am I still a Christian?" The short answer is: could be.

It's not the answers you give to these questions that determines one status. Most biblical scholars would share your doubts. I suspect the Bible reflects more how Christ was taken up as a symbol in the life of the community than as some historical account.

I have doubts but I do it standing in the Christian tradition. It's my "family", my community, and I identify with it, warts and all. Others may have the same conclusions and have chosen not to identify with that tradition (or were born into different ones).

But the identification of Christianity with a bulk of propositional claims needs to be questioned. Not because propositional claims don't matter. But because the answers matter less then who you are in community with in struggling with these questions.


At 11:50 PM , Blogger Pseudonym said...

Agreed 100%. Christianity is not something that you believe in, it's something that you live. And living with uncertainty is part of that life.

At 10:33 AM , Blogger Michael said...

We were dealing with this in biblical interp last week. The teacher asked, was the virgin birth Biologically true, or Symbolically true? Several people said "Symbolically", but one was very vocal that it had to be biologically true because that was the foundation of our Christology. A classmate vocalized her frustration after class to another student about the uncertainties that class was raising, and she didn't know *what* was true, and he started and told her that she had to know what was true or she wasn't a Christian! *sigh*

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At 5:31 AM , Anonymous Tim said...

`identification of Christianity with a bulk of propositional claims needs to be questioned.'

Needs to be flung completely out, if you ask me!

I think I see a confusion of meanings of "doubt" in your article, though. There's doubt as in uncertainty and disbelief, and there's doubt as in skeptical understanding "this is unlikely". A scholar versed in Biblical textual criticism will have the latter kind.

At 3:26 PM , Blogger Marleen said...

This reminds me very much of myself. When I took my job, I told my pastor a lot about my understandings of Christ, which would be considered heretical in most churches. I never doubted I was a Christian, but I did worry that I wasn't orthodox enough to teach Sunday School. I still really struggle with this, because it's often difficult to teach young children the progressive path. I often try to explain the different interpretations people have, so that they are learning already that there are many ways to see, hear and taste the gospel, and I ask, "What does this mean to you?" or "What is Jesus saying to you?" The problem is that often their answers are already someone else's. Recently a 7-yr-old newcomer to our Sunday School group, who has obviously been raised with an extreme fundamentalist teaching, said some things in class that I flat out disagree with and wouldn't want the other children to think is "necessary to believe" for being a Christian. I haven't found the appropriate way to respond to this and am thinking deeply on this and would welcome any ideas.

At 1:01 PM , Anonymous sak said...

Doubt can help anyone to find out the right thing .. good the doubt u have raised .. every doubt has a solution ,,provided that we pray to GOD to help us to find solution ..
the word christianity is no where in the bible ,, nor did Jesus christ pbuh said to worship him , ,,
Jesus christ believed and worshiped one and only one GOD .
THE GOD is ever living HE begets none nor is he begotten , and there is nothing like HIM.
every scholar of bible know this very well , but they cannot help cos they dont want people to go to the truth .. truth is QURAN ,,
QURAN describes Prophet Jesus christ pbuh in much detail .. can we give some of our presious time to find out wat HOLY QURAN says about Jesus pbuh.. ..kindly share the experience ... please

At 12:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


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