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Thursday, September 18, 2008

And Jesus Wept

A new survey came out that discovered the largest support for torture is found among southern white evangelicals. Almost 60% support the use of torture. And almost half of all Americans support it.

I'd be curious to find out support for torture among varying religious groups. The study that mention of the golden rule made support for torture decline a bit. But the fact that Christianity and support for torture go hand in hand in many places is sad.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The whole picture

In seminary I'm reading a fairly mainline book on spirituality that doesn't connect with what we might be known through evolution. It's not that he asserts a literal Adam or 7 day creation, he's mainline after all.

But he does seem to assert things about the cosmos; it's created to love us, to "rock us in joy", etc. While there are many factors which act to sustain us, we live in a world that also can act to disrupt, tear down what we value and love (thinking of the recent hurricanes).

In a cosomological level, most of the universe is filled with nothing, not matter, not stars, or planets, or galaxies, but a literal void. Such a world has elements that act as divine but much of the world is indifferent to this.

In that, I don't think Darwin and the relevant sciences have really had a chance to make an impact even in the mainline. Or at least in a way that asks us to rethink our language about how we speak of this world, God's role in it, etc.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Working Together

Came across an atheist site who raises a question about the science standards in the Ontario school systems. The source of the question came from an article from the United Church Observer.

United Church Observer, a magazine of the largest protestant church in Canada, the United Church of Canada. Sometimes that gets lost. The fact that many churches and Christians are concerned about the quality of science education in the schools.

The separation of church and state, gay and lesbian equality (which the United Church of Canada has been a leader), there's a lot of issues that concern many Christians and atheists. That's worth coming together on, regardless of religious label.