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Thursday, August 14, 2008


I just got tickets to see Bill Maher here in Indy. He's funny, has great political observations, and enjoys skewering religion. But if there's a Q&A I might ask about his take on religious liberals.

The Disciples of Christ is considering doing away with "sense of the assembly" resolutions at the General Assembly. Avoids controversy but it also takes away one of the only instruments in the Disciples to bear public witness. That's a problem for this church.

The United Church News spoke of this year as a turning point in doing outreach to young people. That's great! I hope that means that despite tight budgets the UCC will increase support for existing and planting new campus ministries across the country?

I've never ventured into the subject of Russian US relations. But I'm talking to friends who have some background on the issue. Finding peaceful ways forward strikes me as key. Btw the Church World Service, is providing aid to victims in this conflict.

And the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches, with Orthodox bodies from both nations, have statements on this issue. These statements stand as a contrast to McCain's opposition to negotiations and those on the right itching for war.


At 10:48 PM , Anonymous Russell Fine said...

Hi Dwight. I like the reformative view of religion and society on your blog. We've just launched a web site called Opposing Views that contains expert debates on a variety of important topics, including abortion, the existance of G*d and others. It would be great it you could have a look and send me an e-mail on your thoughts. Also, if you like it, we would love to have you blog about it.


Russell Fine
CEO, Opposing Views Inc.

At 10:08 AM , Anonymous Eli said...

Dwight, Like you, I am opposed to doing away with "sense of the assembly" resolutions at the General Assembly. However, I believe the resolutions must follow the DOC guiding principle, "where the Bible speaks, we speak; where the Bible is silent, we are silent".

At 5:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's truly sad that mainlines continue to believe that their "sense of the assembly" resolutions (in whichever denomination) makes any difference at all. If the public reads them at all, it reads them for a source of amusement. In the end, these resolutions in my denomination (Episcopal), as well as in yours, are simply mental masturbation placed in the public view. Mayne that's why the "mainlines" are now on the sidelines.

At 2:03 PM , Blogger Ben There said...

Religious conservatives are the spawn of Satan. More like orcs really.

(juuuust kidding. sort of.)

At 12:57 PM , Anonymous Eli said...

Ben There, are you kidding or serious?

At 9:12 PM , Blogger Publius90 said...

Well, I wasn't sure quite where to put this, but I just started a religious liberal blog. It probably sounds Catholic bashing from my first post, but that's just my anger at the religious right.
Here's the link: http://amendmentxxvi.blogspot.com/


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