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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pluralism and Christian Faith

This is in response to negative response that "Rose" received on a Christian apologist site: I'm apt to believe that Rose is more right than most of the commentators on this site.

If we believe that transformation and good does not happen without God than: Of course there are people of other religions who have experience God's salvation; simply because folks of other religions can give evidence of transformation towards the good.

That doesn't take away from the death and resurrection of Christ. It instead frees us from identifying that event solely with membership in a religion; the ultimate end is for Christ to be all in all where everything even our beliefs are subjected towards this end.

I agree with many commentators on here on the problem of sin, self justification, etc. I don't think it's cured by profession of some propositional claims. Nor is it solved by the pride of knowing one is in the right religion.

Is it possible that Rose's response can give us occasion to be self reflective. Or does it make us and our "very correct beliefs" defensive. If the latter, we can be subject to the problem of pride, trust in self that some are so ready to identify with others.

It may again point to the need of the Gospel to be continually challenge and correct us in the church. That's why we need a Rose to come along every now and again to question our motives, etc even if folks find it not agreeable.


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