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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Theologians and the Election

Martin Marty has a piece defending Obama's pastor Jeremiah Wright. It's worth reading in understanding Wright, Trinity UCC, and a tradition that has understood the Gospel as addressing social problems.

But over at the blog MyDD one author writes: "The politics of acquiescence by liberals to Wright's words continue to amaze me. Today we have theologian Martin Marty defending Rev. Wright. The lack of distancing from Wright, in general, has already cost (us)."

I wish the democrats well. And I have no doubt the problem Wright presents to Obama. But Marty is a theologian. As such he is writing as a Christian foremost. Admittedly he didn't have this piece cleared by the DNC or any presidential campaign.

Of course why should he? If you were to say that a campaign or their surrogates have not responded correctly or have to the Wright case, that is one thing. But theologians are responsible to their faith and to the church, not to any political campaign.

If we reach the point that our faith can be determined by the needs of a party then we've already lost the game. We'll just be the mirror image of many in the religious right. It again brings the disconnect of prophetic faith and the demands of political campaigns.


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