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Friday, February 15, 2008

Science and Faith

The UCC is starting a campaign to connect religious faith and science and to bypass the old conflict between the two. Evolution Sunday is another attempt, by honoring the work of Darwin and biology in our attempt to understand God's world.

If we agree with Augustine that truth is undivided, that knowledge gained from other disciplines should have significance for our religion, that faith should seek to illuminate and not obscure our vision of the world, then such a campaign is a necessary one.

It also serves to open faith up to those who refuse to shelve what they know about the world to walk into a church. A recommendation for the Disciples of Christ. You tube is a potent way to present the church to an online audience, something the UCC has already discovered.

And to follow a popular online meme, Chris Tessone needed to tag a 5th person for this, so I'm volunteering for that role. It works like this: Grab the nearest book. Open to p. 123. Go down to the 5th sentence. Type in the following 3 sentences. Tag five people.

I'm modifying this: I don't know 5 blogs who haven't done this and I'm technically going to type four sentences. This is from the 1933 volume containing a debate between Max Otto, Clyde Macintosh, and Henry Nelson Wieman titled Is There a God? Wieman says:
But humans, at least part of the time, do dream of the best possible that ever may come to pass, and strive for it as a collective enterprise for all human kind throughout history. This striving is religion.

Now the best possible..can be a possibility, only because of something on in existence which makes it a possibility. This something going on, especially in respect to what exceeds the conscious control and projects of man, is God.


At 12:39 PM , Blogger miranda said...

I've never believed that science and faith are mutually exclusive. Indeed, I don't believe in the "supernatural." I believe that God operates under scientific laws. Just because we don't understand the laws don't mean that they aren't there.


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