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Saturday, February 02, 2008

News Update

Shuck and Jive and Faithfully Subversive highlighted the news that historical theology professor Paul Capetz, who is openly gay, had his ordination restored in the Presbyterian Church USA.

While a lot of progressives followed this as a justice issue, for me, there was another dimension. Paul Capetz was my academic advisor at United Theological Seminary and in large measure was the person responsible for helping me to reclaim the Christian faith.

As he writes "I seek to model..an approach to the interpretation of the Christian theological tradition that allows us to engage this complex heritage with our critical questions and contemporary concerns while being open to the..challenges it poses to us.”

He does this in every course, opening up the riches of the tradition from Calvin to current Reformed thought. His respect for that tradition, makes the claims of the right wing hollow and indicates how little communication of ideas happens in these debates.

In other news, my paper on themes common in the Reformed tradition and the American philosopher John Dewey was accepted at the Midsouth Philosophy conference. It's been two years since I've done a conference so I'm looking forward it.


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