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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Other Blogs

Apparently the author of Shuck and Jive, a PCUSA pastor, has been deemed a heretic. But I have to admit: the quotes that were lifted reminds me of the distinction that Augustine gives between the created and the creator.

Between the finite (the rituals, symbols and practices) vs. the infinite (God). One is contingent, changing, measured by how it increases love of God and neighbor. The other is to that which these contingent things are supposed to point to. Sounds almost orthodox.

Fr.Chris goes after Hitchens and the New Atheists. "Progressives need to understand that this is where the whole New Atheist line of thought leads — the abolishment of particularism is necessarily bound up with the oppression of minority groups."

Philocrites raises a point about Romney's speech on religion: the absence of the mainline. Something I had not considered. "What he admires about other religions and what he seems to be saying deserves toleration is conservative traditionalism."

I hope next semester as I move into new employment as an adjunct instructor at a community college, I might be freed a bit in terms of blog writing. Minimum wage slavery doesn't always seem conducive to such things. Though I still get a chance to read other excellent blogs.


At 11:53 AM , Blogger Pastor Bob Cornwall said...


First I think John of Shuck and Jive is is a heretic -- but then probably so am I.

As for Romney and the Mainline, well you know, we are on the sidelines, which means he probably forgot about us!

But yes, there is strange bedfellows among the traditionalists these days.

At 12:27 PM , Blogger John Shuck said...

C'mon, Bob! At least St. Heretic. Thanks for the mention and pic, Dwight!

As far as heresy and orthodoxy is concerned. My little theory. We have become so accustomed to evangelicalism as being equated with orthodoxy that what many consider heresy today was once orthodox.

Orthodoxy and heresy makes absolutely no sense outside of a particular denomination and its polity.

In other words, I ain't a heretic until my presbytery says I am a heretic! And they ain't sayin' it!



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