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Friday, December 14, 2007

Supporting John Edwards

I've commented on the primary season but have never waded into who my choice would be. I figured I'd be open and declare my support for John Edward's candidacy for the Democratic nomination. There are several reasons:

Edward's embrace of the trade labor movement as the building block of a shared prosperity. And that includes concrete proposals on reforming labor laws, trade laws, and ending strike breaking practices that have hurt the role of unions in the US.

Economist Paul Krugman's newest book, gives evidence that the creation of the middle class after the second world war was based on the strength of unions. I think Edwards can and will provide a space for a revitalized labor movement in this century.

Edward's ability to speak on the bread and butter issues, to identify what so many Americans have experienced, more poverty and more economic insecurity, is key. Few candidates besides Huckabee, are tapping into this real concern.

The way Edwards has focused on the issue of poverty, lifting it into a moral crusade, and working with the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at the University of North Carolina on developing proposals to tackle this shameful feature of our society is also key.

And on foreign policy, Edwards rejection of torture, illegal spying, invading Iran. But more so is his rejection of Bush's (and unfortunately Clinton's) frame of the Global War on Terror as what defines our role in the world.

"I..think it suggests that there's a fixed enemy that we can defeat with just a military campaign. I just don't think that's true."-Edwards. Indeed. And it's justified the unjustifiable. And it ignores some vital foreign policy concerns that require attention.

I should note that some of these themes have been echoed by other candidates. Obama for one, though some features of his campaign make me nervous. Kucinich as well. On the GOP side, John McCain is the best chance to elect someone who is against the use of torture.

I also recognize there are weaknesses in Edwards. His decision to use federal funding of his campaign will limit his campaign. And it makes a difference in our society if a woman or an African American makes history next fall. But this is where I'm at if I was in Iowa.


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