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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cat Blogging/Misc.

An earnest looking portrait of my 10 year old girl, Talula. And the Vatican releases 10 rules for the road. I don't always find agreement with statements from the Vatican but these are pretty good.

Next month I'll be celebrating 4 years of blogging. It started with responding to the events of the Anglican communion including my visit to the 2003 Episcopal Convention. This site has expanded a bit though many of the issues are the same.

I've appreciated Father Jake's work on the issues facing the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. I've also appreciate a number of folks on the blog roll including people who comment on here such as Pastor Bob Cornwall and Shuck and Jive.

And a nod goes to Eli, Michael S. and Virginia. And then there's Jonathan who has made the comments section of this site see a lot of traffic. 30 responses to woman pastors threw me for a loop. But people's contributions are always valued.

My position with the campus ministry is ending due to lack of funds. I'm looking at attending seminary this fall, seeking ordination with the Disciples of Christ. This summer will mean a move, and some absence from this site, but I hope guest bloggers can fill in.


At 6:41 AM , Anonymous Maiden said...

Congrats on your upcoming 4th anniversary!

As one way of celebrating, I wonder if you'd be interested in posting a response to this:

"What is torture, and is it necessarily immoral?"

I'm asking this of those bloggers I read and respect. I'd love to read your response.


At 9:30 AM , Blogger Eli said...

Gee Dwight, I just found your blog and now it is going to become "less active". I, too, plan to attend seminary this fall to become a Disciples minister, but on a part-time basis.

I would like to see this blog remain active as I have many theological areas I would like to discuss.

Keep in touch and God Bless.


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