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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tori's New Album

Tori Amos' new album is out, American Doll Posse. I was a worried with the gothic cover that she might be tempted to depart from the piano. The piano is as prominent as ever, but her lyric topics are wider.

She even broaches politics and she keeps on exploring new ways of presenting the songs, so that every album gives you something new and surprising. It's good to see some of the artists I had grown to love in the early 90s are still making interesting music.

I've been working on a progressive Christian radio show, so I have an interest in finding a wider range of music that can touch on social justice, and an open faith. There have been a number of folks who have recommended artists and albums and that's been a bonus in doing the show. Thanks all.


At 9:25 PM , Blogger mystic23 said...

Try Susan Werner's new CD, "The Gospel Truth". Especially the song, "Why is Your Heaven So Small".

Check a song on "Ammunition" by Tim Easton called "J.S.M.F.Y.F." (which translates to Jesus Save Me From Your Followers.

A couple years older, Steve Earle's "Jerusalem" still breaks my heart.

At 12:25 PM , Blogger mystic23 said...

ps: while my own show isn't overtly religious in nature, i try and work in these types of songs - check me out mondays at 11pm Eastern through WCOM's website: communityradio.coop ...

thewreckingballradioshow@gmail.com ....

i think you'll like it.

At 3:31 PM , Anonymous Beloved Spear said...

Can you make information on that music available? I'm really struggling to find music that articulates something other than "Jesus we love you" for use in my own worship. If you've got a list...heck, that'd be a mighty help.


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