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Friday, May 04, 2007

The Afterlife

I'm on an e-mail list that every week presents a religious question to the group. Everyone then proceeds to e-mail their responses to one person who posts all the answers anonymously.

This is my response to the most recent question: Is there an afterlife? It's a bit short with catchphrases included but that's the general format of how this e-mail list works.

I do believe in life after death. What I doubt is whether it is possible that individual consciousness can continue after death. There is nothing I know about biology that suggests it can.

But our actions have life and meaning after our death. Our impacts on the world last after us. If not directly in the lives of others, than in the life of God. If the past gets carried into the future and leaves a permanent mark on the cosmos, then the story of that cosmos will always include our time span and what we made out of it.

I also believe in life before death. I believe that the central aim of the religious life is made in the time we have here. If we focus on this life the afterlife will take care of itself. If we focus on the afterlife we may lose what we have in this world. It reminds me of the saying of Jesus, those who seek to save their life will lose it.


At 7:13 PM , Blogger Jonathan said...

It seems as if you are attempting to come from a materialists perspective...but then from a spiritual perspective

Science cannot explain the invisble yet accepted concepts of logic, morality, or even math. yet you rely on it to find the truth in life after death.

Coming from the Christian point of view (which I had thought this blog was semi-attempting), life after death is quite a topic.

"What I doubt is whether it is possible that individual consciousness can continue after death."

The Bible, in situations regarding heaven, has people with personalities, attitudes, and names.

"But our actions have life and meaning after our death."

Yes, most definitely. It says in the Bible that we will lay the crowns of our positive actions at the feet of Christ in a backwards association of honor and glory, but given to Christ instead.

My question would be: What about a "hell"? Do you believe in that being a different place? Are there consequences for negative actions? How does that work.

Also, what is determined to be good or evil?



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