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Friday, March 09, 2007

One Cheer for Mohler

I find almost nothing to agree with when it comes to Al Mohler. But when you find something it's worth pointing it out. It's Ann Coulter use of the word faggot against Edwards.

"So..why would Ann Coulter use that word? And, even more troubling to me, why would any in her audience laugh? It is meant to hurt when boys use it in the locker room, and it was meant to hurt when Ann Coulter used it when speaking to a conservative audience."

"It demeans homosexuals and should be banned from any acceptable discourse. How can homosexuals think anything but the worst of a movement that would laugh at the use of this slur? How can we think any better of ourselves if we stand by and let it happen?"

There's been some talk on why the conservative movement so readily embraces Coulter and the language of gay bashing and "feminizing' the opposition. I'm glad that Mohler is upset about this.

But the whole religious and cultural apparatus that props up a vision of "masculinity" and feeds opposition to gay and lesbians is under girded by the much of the evangelical movement today. I don't expect Mohler can or has the resources to address this.

Especially when he has devoted much of his time promoting this view. At least when one of it's negative fruits comes to bear he recognizes it as such. Maybe that's a starting point to begin a conversation about gender, sexuality, and other such issues to choke off such fruit.


At 11:16 AM , Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

Ooooh! that's what she said. When heard the report they just said the F word. This makes it much more interesting. Is it just me or is she looking more and more like Skeletor?


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