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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Radio Show Covered

Our local paper covered our progressive Christian radio show Faithfully Subversive. It's odd to get noticed like that but it has been great presenting a religious alternative to the area. We are working to get podcasts of the show and in the future they will be posted on the website.


At 10:16 AM , Anonymous Carrie said...

You guys are freaking awesome. Just had to say that.

At 10:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will you please address the bbc announcing 20 minutes before building 7 came down on 9/11 that it was going to come down

At 10:01 PM , Blogger Curious George said...

pI'm pleased to hear such a radio show exists. Would that we had something like it in Fort Worth! You might enjoy checking out my blog at curiousprimate.blogspot.com.


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