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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Religious Values of Disney?

So I was in Orlando for a week, then school started which makes campus ministry a happening place. But when I was in the Disney parks, particular themes became evident. Here's some:

The Circle of Life: If one wanted to find an illustration of the interconnected web of existence, it's found throughout the parks. From the ecology tale of Simba at Epcot to most of the exhibits in the Animal Kingdom and at the center of it all, the Tree of Life.

The Promise of Cooperation: Epcot is largely the center for this from the role of communication in the spaceship earth ride to the amazing ending of the park's day called Illuminations that features a huge globe that has images of humans working together for a future.

Imagination & Technology: If we're willing to dream big, if we're willing to throw in some elbow grease, there's nothing we and this country and world can't accomplish. I suspect this isn't as big as it used to be (but land of tomorrow and epcot has some of it).

Are there other religious values you can think of? I imagine if one expanded it to the movies we could pick up more. But it was all a bit inspiring, to see it so much granduer (yes the parks have a sense of that) in one setting.

We ended up working this topic on the progressive Christian radio show I work on with friends called Faithfully Subversive. Also started up a site to connect progressive Christian campus ministries but as you can tell it's very much in the beginning stages.


At 10:56 AM , Blogger jshunk said...


Just wanted to let you know that somehow I found your blog (I honestly can't remember for the life of me how I came across it though) and find your thoughts and writings interesting. I am going to put a link to this blog on my own blog site (although, don't expect many people as my blog has pretty much no traffic at all). Anyway, I'm open to all sorts of thought on religious stuff, although, I would probably consider myself a fairly conservative Christian with a scattering of liberal thought here and there. Of course, I don't really like to separate "liberal" and "conservative" as if one may be better or "more correct" than the other. Sometimes I get frustrated when things become too dualistic. I think in terms of Christianity, there is room for both. Anyway, I'll continue to read your blog. Have a great day.

At 8:22 AM , Anonymous Another Hugo said...

I discovered your blog today, also not exactly how, but most likely through blogrolls, etc. - during a "blog-discovery session" just now, discovered a number of blogs I will be linking to soon, if and when I get the time. ;)

I seem to fall for names of blogs, I recall following the link, because of your blog's name. I also followed a link to another blog from yours, based on the fact that we share names...

Now this is why I'm posting: I checked out (and subscribed) to the "hugoboy" blog, except, it's not "hugoboy" anymore. Check your link, he moved his blog to a new site in November. http://hugoschwyzer.net/

Just thought I'd help you get your link fixed. I should be returning to your blog rather often! See ya!


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