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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Process in Wierd Places

I was reading our local evangelical newspaper, the Good News, and they recently had an article on a revival they held in an area town.

The revival sermons were centered on the barriers that prevent "God's movement"."We must allow Jesus to freely move in his own house and the traditions of men must be broken for us to have a visitation from God. If not, these things will hinder the anointing and flow of God"

While I suspect we would have a different diagnosis on what traditions are proving to be a barrier I connect with the language. It smacks more of process theology than evangelical thought. I doubt it's because such folks are reading Hartshorne.

It's more likely that the Bible and our own experience of God lends us to speak in such ways, regardless of what systematic theologies are out there. Sometimes that has the ability to trump the most sophisticated systems. And sometimes that's a good thing.


At 5:36 AM , Anonymous Tim said...

Funny. When I had my evangelical ~6 months or so, I'm sure one of the things I heard was `you can't put God in a box'. Indeed, the number of times God has surprised folks in the bible tends to support this.

This is why I find it incredibly annoying when conservatives, "traditionalists" and occasionally evangelicals start making rules & regulations about women priests, women bishops, institutionalising homophobia, etc. Don't they know these are putting a limit on God's ability to choose the right person for the job at the right time, which is all that counts?

At 12:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the "traditions of men must be broken"...wow...if only I could esplore this further in my systematic precept...smiles...

But what are these "traditions" and what "men" formed them? Interesting...I initially read this and said yes...

Indeed Christian tradition was developed in a context that was trumped by men...of few hues that is...so, if tradition is to accepted by all [women, people of color, etc.] than certainly they have to be deconstructed and reconstructed.


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