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Saturday, October 28, 2006

SBC Problems

The story of how fundamentalists, throughout the last 30 years, took over the Southern Baptist Convention, including the resulting attacks on women pastors, "liberals", dissidents, etc. is well documented.

But what is of interest is that after the takeover the need for enemies did not die but rather has taken on new forms. Now it's charismatics which are the targeted. A recent example is the attempt to ban speaking in tongues at seminaries and by church leaders.

As the Methodists face similar takeover attempts, perhaps the Southern Baptist experience can provide lessons for the mainline on what happens when the logic of the right is taken to it's logical end. The need for enemies can never be quenched.

The NJ supreme court rules for equal marriage rights for gays and the SBC leadership is pleased. Since now the election, in their mind can be about "real issues" and not about Iraq and torture. This is a sad example of losing one's moral bearings.


At 3:35 AM , Blogger drew Wademan said...

wow, this is a good blog. So, Philosophy major huh? That's great, I am a Theology major, but Philosophy would definately be the 2nd choice. Are you planning on teaching? Well, thanks for the good read...Ecumenists unite!


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