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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Trying to work on more posts. We'll see how it goes. I've discovered that a number of campus ministry responsibilities have given me less chance to do student outreach, then before I was director which makes me wonder about our campus ministry model.

I ended up buying Gordon Kaufman's work Jesus and Creativity and am devouring it. I hope to have some post about it though I haven't nailed down blog book reviews. Also I had a chance to attend a UCC conference gathering, for the first time.

I noticed that Chuck Colson goes after the left for criticizing religious right politics and strategies, in particular with stem cell research. Ok, disagreement can be had but for some reason any criticism of the religious right is an "attack on Christianity"

This ignores the fact that many Christians support such research as well as many denominations. Hiding by religion to shut down debate. When that happens it makes it that much harder for religion to have a plausible role to play in the public square.


At 4:05 PM , Blogger Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

I am a biblical Christian--at least that is my "goal." I claim neither "conservatism" nor "liberalism"--because I see Jesus Christ as being both.

He was very liberal when He said, "who soever will may come..."

He was very conservative when He said, "No man comes to the Father except by Me..."

Great blog...I am enjoing it immensely.


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