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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Good Point

Philocrites claims that if one wants to change the religious landscape we need to get involve in revitalizing liberal churches. Which is to say that what happens in the mainline is not incidental to the future of our country. Something that the right already knows.
The most important task I see for progressive religious blogs is not primarily to rally activists or to "fight the right." (Those are important tasks, but in the long term they are secondary tasks.)

It is instead to strengthen, grow, perhaps even transform communities of faith by developing forms of communication that popularize, contextualize, and evangelize the faith.

In their own small way, blogs can help revitalize liberal churches — because liberal churches need revitalization if they are to accomplish the work that only they can do.


At 11:08 PM , Blogger ClosetMystic said...

Hi! Great blog! As one who lives in the middle of "progressive Chritianity", I think that this branch of the church should re-visit personal piety, sacramentality and the acquisition of personal virtue as the root of social justice efforts. During the last election, someone said (I can't remember who) that the political candidate that combines personal integrity with social values will win the next election.


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