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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Radio Show

Faithfully Subversive is the name of a new progressive Christian radio show that me and a friend have been working on and airing on WDBX in southern Illinois. We just did a successful broadcast this Monday and have another date set for July.

After this, it looks like we're going to get a regular weekly half an hour time slot. The format of the show tends to be 20 minutes of music and 10 minutes of commentary on the news. To find liberal themes we've had to leave "christian" music behind for other artists.

Here's our playlist from the last show: 10,000 Maniac's These Are Days. Sarah Mclachlan's World on Fire. Deidre McCalla's If God Only Knew (what is being done in her name).The Indigo Girl's Hammer and a Nail. And Jill Phillip's I am.

The dilemma is that the more religiously significant songs that we have are done by women. They tend to be commercial, something that's not a positive for community radio and we have a limited supply of music artists to choose from.

If you have any good recommendations of artists which touch on the issues of life and spirituality, including some men, which can connect with liberal christianity, we're interested in hearing about them, getting a hold of such music for the show. Thanks!


At 8:43 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Hi Dwight, I just stumbled in because you were listed under recently updated blogs and you got me where I live!

Have you ever heard of Fountain Street Church? It's the largest progressive church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are an island in a sea of knee-jerk conservatives. When people ask me what we believe in, I tell them "religious freedom." Or I quote my favorite bumper sticker, "God is too big for one religion."

This is probably what I love best about the internet, finding like minded folks. I'm adding you to my favorites, thanks for being here!

At 9:22 AM , Blogger Joe G. said...

This sounds great. Will it be available online for streaming?

At 8:27 PM , Anonymous Carrie said...

Hey Dwight,

I listened to the radio show the other night and thought it was pretty good. In terms of artists I would suggest, I have always found U2 to be very spiritual and Christian-esque. Songs like "Where the Streets Have No Name" have always called out to me as songs Christ would identify with. There is also a song by Tracy Chapman on her CD "Where You Live" called "Before Easter". This song talks about hiding from God's grace after hitting rock bottom. I have also found Tracy to be very spiritual.

At 5:04 AM , Blogger Christopher said...

How about playing some KRS-One. His CD Spiritual Minded is damn good. First track is a twist on Genesis. Lots of other good stuff by him too. Also there is always Jesus Christ Super Star.

At 8:26 AM , Anonymous Jeff said...

Sufjan Stevens.

At 8:26 PM , Blogger Big Red Lance said...


Congrats on the new radio show (I seriously mean that. No joke.)

I don't know too much about liberal music, but as far as some good bumper music goes, here's a few good riffs:

"Up Around the Bend" by CCR,
"Ah! Leah!" By Donnie Isis,
"Dirty Little Secret" by Bowling for Soup,
"Free Ride" by Edgar Winter,
and a personal favorite is
"Back in Your Face" by Def Leppard

Very underrated song, imho. Good luck with the show.


At 12:03 PM , Anonymous virusdoc said...

I've really enjoyed the Christ-haunted music of Over the Rhine, an Ohio group. They are musically and lyrically excellent. I can also recommend a Canadian folk artist, David Francey. Nickel Creek, a bluegrass band out of Nashville, also has some good stuff, as does Mary Chapin Carpenter.

At 11:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about finding liberal or progressive songs/artists. Just play some good gospel music. "This Is My Father's World" is a great environmentalist song. You might try some college bluegrass artists, such as Iris DeMint, Big Smith and the Gourds. There's always those populists like Woody Guthrie.

Good Luck


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