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Monday, May 08, 2006

Dewey and God

Al Mohler, in his call for families to consider removing their kids from the public schools, took a swipe at the philosopher John Dewey. The reason is what Mohler calls his "anti-Christian" and atheistic religious beliefs.

But Dewey wrote quite a bit about God in the positive sense, so much so that Mohler's claim makes one want to scratch their head. Here's some excerpts on the subject by Dewey in his book A Common Faith. Let's see if Mohler is right:

God..is also connected with all the natural forces and conditions including man and human associations that promote the growth of the ideal and that further its realization. For there are forces in nature and society that generate and support the ideals...

Militiant atheism is also affected by lack of natural piety. The ties binding man to nature that poets have always celebrated are passed over lightly. The attitude taken is often that of man living in an indifferent and hostile world..

A religious attitude, however, needs the sense of a connection of man, in the way of both dependence and support, with the enveloping world that the imagination feels is a universe. Use of the words "God"..may protect man from a sense of isolation


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