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Monday, May 22, 2006

American Baptist Split

The board of the Pacific Southwest voted unanimously to withdraw from the American Baptists, making the split official. There is speculation that other regions will soon be leaving the church as well.

The issue is over homosexuality. The ABC condemns it, has a number of statements against it, but this is not enough for the right because they have not sought to punish or remove gay friendly ABC congregations because of their congregationalist polity.

It's hard to see how the right can claim the "traditionalist" mantle when you have baptists arguing against congregationalism, anglicans arguing for congregationalist polity in liberal dioceses, and presbyterians arguing against a reformed view of scripture.

The only thing which seems to unite such folks, besides their disregard for their own religious heritage is the effort to stop gay inclusion and acceptance within their respective denominations. It's become the new litmus test and thus it's a sad day for the church.


At 12:44 AM , Blogger Joe G. said...

The issue of sexuality, and particularly homosexuality is more divisive than I had anticipated.

Of course, I never thought that an organization such as the American Baptists or the Episocopalians would ever go as far as they have. OTH, it saddens me, as well as angers me that a gay like myself should be so reprehensible to them that they must "repudiate" those who support me. PTL!

I'm keeping my eye on the Episcopal church this June; that has the potential to be interesting.

At 3:55 AM , Anonymous Tim said...

`"it is a sad day for the cause of Jesus Christ when one part of the body cannot tolerate being with the rest of the body."'

Well said that lass.

Funny, isn't it? My bible talks at some length about `parts of the body' and it also says not to discriminate against poor folks by making them sit at one's feet, etc. Some people make me think they're running from very truncated editions...


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