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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

UU in the News

Here's an article covering a UU congregation in RI. In this church "They don't talk about sin and suffering. They don't talk about the right way or wrong way, good way or bad way..And surprisingly, no guilt."

I know this piece was meant to build up the church, but it ended up re-enforcing the idea that religious liberals don't take sin seriously. One would have to come from a position of privilege to honestly attend a church that doesn't talk about sin and suffering.

If religious liberals are to deal with the problems which plague our world we need to tackle such subjects and even be in a position to talk about guilt. Not guilt which paralyzes but the kind which confronts us when we fail to meet the demands that a common life requires.

Without such a thing, religion cannot be transformative, cannot save. But I know that newspapers don't always get religion right. I've also seen UU congregations where folks are challenged and such subjects are broached. Also several UU bloggers write on these concerns.


At 11:07 PM , Anonymous Ethan said...

I think we UU's are pretty used to being portrayed in an oversimplified and misunderstood way. We're hard to grasp for a lot of people, and a lot of us find it equally perplexing to explain ourselves to outsiders.

The author also describes UUism as a "smorgasbord of religious beliefs." Usually when we're described in the language of buffets, it's in a negative tone, implying that our theological breadth leads to theological shallowness. A quote from one of the members could definately be used to reinforce this, "There is no taking a stance. That's the key."

But there's also this little gem: "With such liberal views on sexual orientation and religion as a whole, one might stereotypically think that the congregation must be made up of young hippies preaching free love. But the key to Channing is that it breaks all stereotypes."


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