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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Episcopal News

In an effort to remain a member of the Anglican Communion, will the Episcopal Church at their next general convention sacrifice gay and lesbian members of the church? According to a recent Advocate article the likelihood is there.

"The bishops are planning to present resolutions at the General Convention banning the blessing of same sex unions and repenting for the consecration of Robinson, reports London's Daily Telegraph. The bishops are also planning to block the consecration of a second gay bishop in California if the diocese there elects a lesbian or gay man."

The problem with this it pleases no one. Many on the right want the ECUSA out of the communion and this response won't satisfy them. And gay and lesbians and supporters will have reason to not trust the church, when their lives can be a pawn in an ecclesiastical fight.

What's worse about such a move is that it doesn't come from any theological center. It's not an expression of where the bishops or the church is at. It's a form of dishonesty to itself and other churches, done for the purposes of institutional needs rather than conviction.

If the ECUSA caves to the threats of the right, there will cease to be in operation autonomous churches in the communion. Such methods can then be repeated on a whole range of issues, so that by threats rather than debate and discussion the church can be changed to one's party's likings. Will then the ECUSA welcome signs be accurate?


At 9:23 PM , Anonymous Chris T. said...

I pray that the Episcopalians stick with the program and don't turn back. The bishops aren't the whole picture, but if most or all of them are agreed about turning back the clock, just to satisfy the crazed gentleman from Nigeria, that'd be a very sad thing to see.

I'll paraphrase the comment Episcopalians always say when bad news comes out of Rome — the Church of Antioch and many other Independent Catholic jurisdictions are happy to take in disaffected ECUSAers. :-)

At 5:53 PM , Blogger Wulfila said...

I find it very difficult to imagine that ECUSA will really do this, and I'm not exactly the eternal optimist! But it's worth keeping an eye on.


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