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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Church News

The effort to push for an anti-gay marriage amendment by conservative Christians have been met by open arms by the Catholic church's hierarchy, with several prominent cardinals and bishops adding their support.

One thinks of the Indigo Girls line "and when the clergy take a vote all the gays will pay again, cause there's more than one kind of criminal white collar" and hope for a "day the war will stop & we'll grow a peaceful crop and a girl can get a wife & we can bring you back to life"

Wesley Blog says that the UCC is "whining" that Tim Russert and much of the mainstream media ignores mainline voices. But if we want to have a genuine discussion of religious faith and culture in this country presenting religious faith from only one side is a poor way to do this.

I apologize for infrequet postings. I've had lots of things happening combined with stress as I try to negotiate the end of the semester, work with the campus ministry, and my recent work with the local school district. Maybe when school gets done things will pick up.


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