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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Various Items

Wesley Blog asks, where has the NCC been when it comes to persecution of Christians around the world. A good question. I'd also ask where has the church, as a whole, been when it comes to gay and lesbian persecution?

We should be concerned about persecution of Christians, but I'd be disturbed if this is taken to be more important than the persecution of nonChristians, since that would be nothing more than protecting "one's kind" and not the sort of universal loyalty the Gospels speak of.

Berkley Blog is astounded by claims that the IRD seeks the destruction of the mainline. But when the IRD and renewal groups have called for liberals to be kicked out of the Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church to be split apart, and the Episcopal Church to be removed from the Anglican communion, this strikes me as destructive.

I modified my post on Prager, because I'm not sure how much I want to push Reinhold Neibuhr's group versus individual distinction, but I think the essential insight is sound. It needs more exploration on my part. I'm also added some more blog links. And Bush claims he isn't bound by the law, yet again.


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