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Monday, March 13, 2006

More Life Issues

I have a friend who works for a teen health center who tells me this story: a girl comes in, has a night out without protection, she desperately comes to the clinic believing she may be pregnant, but thankfully this ends up not being the case.

When she is told that they have contraception at the clinic she declines, because this was just one mistake, and she promises to herself that she never plans to have sex again until marriage. Oddly enough she's back in a few months, this time pregnant.

If there's a false confidence, it's in those folks who imagine that they will never face such a situation, so no precautions are necessary. Afterall they are not like those *other* women who are immoral. And I'd venture to say that this not only produces false confidence.

It also plays into a sinful practice of imagining that somehow we are so different from everyone else. I believe that a lot of young folks can condemn abortion easily because when they see it happen to others, they imagine that the other person was bad, they are good.

It's as if we pretend that there was no original sin, and to be honest, most of the proposals of the religious right operate on the same basis. Of course condoms are not enough and sex education must include a whole range of practices, education, values that start from childhood all the way through the end of life.

It's the church, not popular culture, which ought to be in the forefront on this. We too often get no acknowledgement from the church on the one hand and the sex saturated culture on the other hand, nothing vs. MTV, who do you think will win?

This is what the RCRC does well. Its focus is on the full range of reproductive health issues including counseling and providing resources for congregations, pastors, on these issues. Also there is the UCC's sexuality curriculum, which is a model of what the church can and ought to be doing.


At 3:24 PM , Blogger rev. todd said...

very well said... it is easy to speak out against abortion and things like it until it affects someone close to you. I have seen this change in people many times and it is unfortunate that they hurt so many people before they can become compassionate.

At 10:06 PM , Anonymous Carrie said...

Hey Dwight,

This blog entry reminds me of our many conversations at Bible study. When I was a member of Chi Alpha the general consensus that having birth control around was inviting temptation. I was even told once that I should cut up a box of condoms to "resist the devil". And then these same people condemn a woman when she gets an abortion because she should have "stayed pure". For the record, I have a box of condoms in my medicine cabinet (most still there) and am on the Nuva Ring. I am lucky if I have sex once every six weeks.

At 11:01 PM , Blogger Hugo said...

Great post. I've seen so many sex ed curricula, and Our Whole Lives is my favorite, hands down...


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