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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Christian Nation?

Missouri is considering a resolution to make Christianity the recognized religion of the state. It's going to be unbecoming for anyone to dismiss concerns about theocracy, with efforts like this.

These legislators may imagine themselves as defenders of the faith, but why is there no outrage by these folks when we have the Bush administration spying on church meeting places? Nor do I see such folks working to bring an end to the practice torture by this government. Is this faithful to the Gospel?

One group of Christians who have raised such issues, the World Council of Churches, was recently condemned as having the spirit of the anti-christ on the Southern Baptist news site. Condemning the war and believing that God is at work in other religions were the things which brought offence but not much love from its opponents.


At 10:15 AM , Anonymous John B said...


Please don't assume that because a person supports President Bush and is conservative theologically that that individual would support MO resolution. You can be sure I don't.

Indeed, I think one of the weakness of American Christianity is its ties to the government.

At 8:29 AM , Blogger prodigal sheep said...

Interesting that religious conservatives keep trying to push the notion that America is a Christian nation. Biblically speaking, the Christian 'nation' is the church catholic, which transcends political and national boundaries. The church as the people of God is called out of the nations. Christian nationalism is the 'heretical' view that Christian identity and national identity can be synonymous. In practice the result of such efforts is an amalgam of political and religious interests far different from the gospel preached by Jesus and the apostles. Such an idolatrous mixing is decribed in the book of Revelation as 'Mystery Babylon, mother of harlots'...


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