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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Presbyterian News

Simply counting on young adults to return to the church after they marry and have children “cannot be a dependable strategy,”-youth ministry specialist Rodger Nishioka. The quote comes from an article on young adult outreach.

A Presbyterian pastor from Michigan has joined the small but growing ranks of clergy who will not grant civil marriage licenses until they are granted for gays and lesbians. On the other end of the things, Jim Berkeley writes of missing the "old" Mel White.

Berkeley is head of a conservative pressure groups within the PCUSA. Mel White was a ghost writer and evangelical pastor within the religious right. He later came out of the closet and has worked for over a decade for gay and lesbian inclusion within the church.

Berkeley writes of how Mel White used to evangelize and bring people to Christ but now simply justifies gays and lesbians. But of course there is no justification needed for the latter. I'd argue that Soul Force and White's work has brought a number of folks, both gay and straight back to the church.

Mel White' fight for inclusion of folks who thought they had no home in the church, is a form in evangelism, in the best sense of the term. One final note, the "old Mel White" was gay just like the new one is. To the degree that Berkeley did not know this, how much can he claim to know about Mel White?


At 12:24 PM , Blogger Alan said...

Nice to see people are picking up on the story about Chuck's stand of conscience at Northside (where I'm a member) re: marriage

I have to admit that I'm actually don't agree with it entirely (an odd position to be in as one of the homos at Northside) but of course I fully support Chuck in what he's doing.


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