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Thursday, February 23, 2006

God's Embrace

Jesus, it appears, was quite serious when he said that God was our father and that we belonged all to one family, because in this family all, not some, are insiders.

None is an outsider – black and white, rich and poor, educated and not educated, beautiful and not so beautiful, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, all belong, all are held in a divine embrace that will not let us go.

This was from a speech Desmond Tutu gave to the recent gathering of the World Council of Churches. In other news, two of the candidates for bishop in the episcopal diocese of California are gay. This should add a wrinkle to the debate in the Anglican Communion.

And here's a piece on the founder of the Center for Progressive Christianity and his quest to open up the faith to a wide range of folks from gay and lesbians to people who are trying work out their ideas and questions in an non dogmatic and open place.


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