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Monday, December 26, 2005

This Christmas I had the opportunity to join First Christian, a Disciples congregation, which made the service a doubly memorable service. We were reminded of God's radical hospitality as expressed in the invitation for all to feast at the table.

And as we all joined in a circle to participate in communion and seeing the wide range of people of varying ages, etc. that sense that George Mead writes of hit home, the sense of participating in the universal community. If such a table was not open for all, I have to admit I don't think the rite would have had the same power.

It's that same religious vision which I think informs many Methodists that are working to include gays and lesbians into the church. It's found in that basic expression of hospitality, the kind I experienced later on yesterday when visiting a good friend and his family. I think the meaning of the holidays is likely to be found in such a thing.


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