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Sunday, December 11, 2005

"After decades of effort by to keep the holiday from being exploited by greedy retailers, this year's Christmas 'defenders' are not just tolerating commercialization they're insisting on it. Forget peace on Earth, the Christmas or else lobby this year is calling for boycotts of any retailers who fail to hustle Jesus along with every Xbox." Denver Post

As a Christian I find it astounding that people are worked up about whether a clerk says happy holidays or merry christmas. A better thing to be worked up about would be the lack of health care, union rights, etc. the clerk faces. If we spent our time working to change that, we'd be honoring more the spirit of Christmas then worrying about phrases.


At 7:29 AM , Anonymous Shawn Anthony said...

Um, yeah. There are more pressing issues, like a war and thousands dead, right? I'm with you on this.

At 11:07 AM , Blogger Abdul-Halim V. said...



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