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Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Swedish Lutheran Church is moving to bless same sex unions. It's been approved by the church's liturgical commission and will be considered by the church assembly this month. While the Sydney Anglican Church is changing its constitution, much like Nigeria did, in preparation for a possible split with the Church of England.

After a popular liberal Catholic priest was recently removed in the Boston area, a number of encouraging stories have followed. Such as how mainline protestants and the jewish community have rallied behind this priest. Or the active role parishoners have taken in response to this action, something that is going to be needed in this particular age of reaction in the church.

A religious right group is urging congress to investigate the ACLU, both its activities and its "true intentions. Sadly, I've been unable to find any religious right group which has condemned or responded to the issue of torture. It was the ACLU which secured the release of information pointing to and fighting such practices. So it's the ACLU, not the religious right which has acted to defend some of this country's highest ideals.


At 5:15 AM , Blogger Göran Koch-Swahne said...

The Synod of the Church of Sweden Thursday morning passed the Proposals from the Church Directory by 160 ayes and 81 noes, with 8 abstentions.

Little fuss here - and practically nothing in the international media...

The Proposals made Blessings of Registered Partnerships (1993) official: they are now in the Canons.

Also 4 Statements were included, saying amongst other things that the Church must not meddle in activities to "cure" gays, and that being gay or living in a Registered Partnership shall be no hindrance to ordination.

A one man Government Committee is revising the Marriage Act (1987) to be ready by 2008.

The outcome of this will be the abolishment of the opposite sex requirement for marriages which disappeared in 1973 and was re-introduced in 1987.

At 5:32 AM , Blogger Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I want to add that the article in 365Gay news (as always) is full of errors.

I have written to them several times asking them to a s k first, before they put anything churcy on their site...

The Church of Sweden is an ancient Catholic Church of the 1st Millennium, which never was very Roman, not having caved in to the Roman i n n o v a t i o n s of the early 2nd Millennium.

So we never had any problems with the Dictatus papae of 1073 (consequently Melanchtthon's Tractatus papae of 1537 is not acknowledged), we have never had mandatory celibacy for priests (Lateran II 1139) nor the the "Canonic" testament (still a testament in not a "deed" in Swedish law).

We still preserve what we call the double line of responsability, that is the "Simony" of the Gregorians: the Parish owns its church and its assets, hires the priest and so on.

So we are rather the 1st Millennium ideal of Dr Martin Luther, than a Lutheran church and most certainly NOT Protestant.

Not to say that calling a Church a "denomination" is slander ;=)

At 1:32 PM , Blogger Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Spurred by Synd the Congress of the Social Democratic Party just defeated it's chairman Prime Minister Persson, who has been blocking the issue for several years, ordering amendments to the 1987 Marriage Act to make it gender neutral.

This means that there is now a Parliamentary majority for gender neutral marriage.


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