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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The recent earthquake which hit northern Pakistan and India has had catastophic results, with over 20,000 people dead and countless numbers of people injured and in need of aid. The Church World Service, which has done relief efforts in Pakistan for 25 years, has been of the key groups responding to the situation. To make a donation to that effort click here.

"The entire lay leadership of the Anglican church in Baghdad has been missing for two weeks and was believed killed while driving from Jordan to Baghdad through the country's insurgent-infested Anbar province, a senior church official said." This is rather devastating for the Anglican Church in Iraq and underscores the worries that Christians face in that country today.

Amnesty International has recently set up a blog to focus on the issue of torture within US facilities around the world under the auspices of the war on terror. It's a difficult subject to digest sometimes, but the only way these practices can end is if they are brought to light and those who instituted such brutalities are held accountable.

John Bolton representing the US at the UN, joined China and Algeria in blocking Juan Mendez, Kofi Annan's adviser for the prevention of genocide, "from briefing the council on his recent visit to Darfur, despite pleas from Annan and 11 other council members that Mendez be heard." And with Bush blocking an Int'l Tribunal to try war crimes in the region, it's hard to see how this administration takes what is happening in Sudan seriously.


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