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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I've been lax in posting and still trying to find a satisfactory pace or rhythm for this site. But a number of other sites have some thoughtful reflections on the ongoings of the church. Philocrites has a piece on the Catholic Church's attempts to remove and punish liberal priests in the church, with two examples in Massachusetts. Propaganda Box has a piece on the impossible situation that gay and lesbians have been put into by the church.

I also wanted to highlight some good articles and sites. Street Prophets, a spin off from Daily Kos, is a community based blog which is rooted in the intersection of faith and progressive politics. Sarah Laughed, a blog with reflections on the lectionary from an episcopalian perspective is a great resource. The Gay Restorationist, an effort to engage restorationist protestant thought along progressive lines is a good read.

To follow up my last post on the death of the stray kitten; there is some good news in that awful situation. We were able to get a hold of both the sibling and the mom and we found homes for them where they can be cared for and treated well. Also been trying to find a home for a third cat which makes me think that me and my friends are becoming an animal adoption service.

And for encouraging news. In New Jersey, pastors and clerics from a range of religious traditions have been calling for gay marriage. Canadian Anglicans re-affirm support for the inclusion of gays in the church. Conservative and Liberal Methodist women's groups actually met to talk, share their views. I'm not sure if this one meeting will open further discussion but treating each other as actual Christians who happen to disagree is the first step.


At 2:33 PM , Blogger Tito said...

There are less and less of you liberal folks in the Church. It's best that you leave and go where your 'relative' morals are more appreciated. Where they accept casual drug use, non-commital sex, accepting of deviant lifestyles, accepting 3 of the ten commandments, and an overrall denial of the Truth that hasn't changed since Jesus walked on this earth.

Hmmmmm, have you tried the Unitarians? How 'bout the Episcopal Church, they're heading in that direction.

Of course you will need to move quickly since the 'mainstream' Protestant denominations have been losing members over the decades. Ever since these 'mainstream' denominations have been accepting women priests, gay lifestyles, contraception, moral relativism, and deconstructionism, their numbers have been dropping.

Hurry up!

At 2:57 PM , Blogger Dwight said...


-I'm pretty sure on this website you will not have read support of things such as drug use or non commital sex.

-So you must be trying to impose your characture. This tends to come from the lack of engaging the other, in this case liberals

-Growth is something we all want, but not at the cost of the church's mission nor in a manner which betrays the Gospel.

-Simply copying the right wing will not be enough, at least if these two things are of importance.I think you'll find some places though that go against the story you've heard.

-church plantings with the Disciples the scores of congregations joining the UCC, they might not go with your picture of the mainline but they are worth being attentive to.


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