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Sunday, October 09, 2005

I came across a statement from the Anabaptist Network in the UK. It's a creed of sorts but instead of a list of doctrinal concerns much of the emphasis is focused on the problems of human life and the ways in which the Christian tradition might be brought to bear on these problems. There is something refreshing about such an approach. Here's some excerpts:

Western culture is slowly emerging from the Christendom era when church and state jointly presided over a society in which almost all were assumed to be Christian. Whatever its positive contributions on values and institutions, Christendom seriously distorted the gospel, marginalised Jesus, and has left the churches ill-equipped for mission in a post-Christendom culture.

As we reflect on this, we are committed to learning from the experience and perspectives of movements such as Anabaptism that rejected standard Christendom assumptions and pursued alternative ways of thinking and behaving.

The frequent association of the church with status, wealth and force is inappropriate for followers of Jesus and damages our witness. We are committed to exploring ways of being good news to the poor, powerless and persecuted.

Churches are called to be committed communities of discipleship and mission, places of friendship, mutual accountability and multi-voiced worship that sustain hope as we seek God’s kingdom together. We are committed to nurturing and developing such churches, in which young and old are valued, leadership is consultative, roles are related to gifts rather than gender and baptism is for believers.

Spirituality and economics are inter-connected. In an individualist and consumerist culture and in a world where economic injustice is rife, we are committed to finding ways of living simply, sharing generously, caring for creation, and working for justice.

Peace is at the heart of the gospel. As followers of Jesus in a divided and violent world, we are committed to finding non-violent alternatives and to learning how to make peace between individuals, within and among churches, in society, and between nations.


At 3:50 AM , Anonymous Tim said...

Oh, that's interesting. Last week I got to realising there's an awful lot of corruption in the Church, unfortunately: if it's not sexual abuse in one country, it's fradulence arising from the so-called "prosperity gospel" in another, or over-zealous evangelical antagonism from a third.

I like putting peace at the heart of the gospel. Can I also have grace and wisdom in there too? :)

At 9:29 AM , Blogger Joe G. said...

Wow, this is great stuff. Thanks for the heads-up.

At 12:53 AM , Blogger MontanaMormon said...

Has anyone read the Book of Prophecies by Christopher Columbus? He often quoted Isaiah, Jeremiah and Psalms about Zion and Islands of the Sea. Very Interesting.


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