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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sorry for my lapse in postings. I had everything from papers to do to lost internet service to a trip which has taken me away from this site. I was in St. Louis yesterday to see the Indigo Girls perform at some scuplture park. Their show, which was an acoustic perfomance was great as they engaged the audience with banter and as the audience sang along with the band in the rain.

I think they ought to be considered one of the best Christian bands, in the proper sense of the word, out there. That is their lyrics come out of what the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr would call a prophetic faith. One can find themes of love to social justice combined with a sense of our finitude and limits as humans and never far removed from the particulars of lived experience.

With the up and coming inquisition of catholic seminaries to root out gays and dissent, the lyrics from their song Philosophy of Loss seem rather pertinent: welcome to why the church has died in the heart of the exile and the kingdom of hate..modern scribes write in jesus christ everyone is free and the doors open wide to all straight men and women but they are not open to me..so who is teaching kids to be leaders..the philosophy of loss


At 4:08 PM , Blogger CK said...

Dwight--I was thinking of going to see them at the Lauimier (sp?) sculpture park, but didn't. Amy Ray will be back in STL at Blueberry Hill in the Duck Room--great, small venue on Oct 15. I am including a link should you want to go.

Let me know if you do and you want to meet me & my partner.


And yes, I agree with the substance of your post. "Strange Fire" is still one of my favorites of their songs. They're very familiar with biblical imagery and theology.

At 4:32 AM , Blogger gratefulbear said...

I agree -- the Indigo Girls are great! Their lyrics are poetic, intelligent, and often deeply theological. It's amazing to be in a crowd of people singing along to their music.


At 9:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

STILL love and listen to the Indigo Girls often. Saw them once at an outdoor acoustic set - great, captivating! Thin Line is one of my faves.


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