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Saturday, September 17, 2005

I just purchased Paul McCartney's Chaos and Creation and it has to count as one of the best albums he's ever done in his solo career. The songs have evocative lyrics, the instruments are usually understatements, the songs themselves rather mellow, somber, but very moving. I usually don't plug things on this site but over the last few days it's been my constant source of music.

Terry Mattingly wants to know why the mainstream press has focused on Pat Robertson who has become a source of embarrassment to a number of evangelicals and republicans. Given the collapse of the Christian Coalition is he worthy of focus? I don't think he is irrelevant in either the religious or political world. Ashcroft teaches at Regent University which Robertson started up.

Regent and a number of similar colleges are training a new generation of religious and political activists. And if one looks at the FEMA site, his group Operation Blessing, has received a lot of exposure, help by this administration. Just because he's embarassing does not mean he doesn't have influence or ought to be ignored.

Blogopotamus has a post on the coming schism by the global south of the Anglican Communion. The global south, minus those churches which are more moderate to liberal will be meeting next month. The right denies that this meeting will formalize a break with Canterbury but the Nigerian Church's own bylaws have recently been modified in anticipation of a break.


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