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Thursday, September 08, 2005

I don't think I've ever written about Cuba but two news stories have caught my attention. One is the offer of aid, including doctors, to help with the aftermath of Katrina. And the US rejection of such aid. If there was a policy that countries which are not democracies will not have their aid accepted, that would be one thing. But the US is gladly accepting the aid of Saudia Arabia, which can't be counted as a democracy either.

Given our own government's inability to deal with the situation in New Orleans is the US really in a position to turn down aid? And when some on the right says that we have no responsibilities in rebuilding New Orleans turning down free offers of help strikes me as a bit preverse. Instead congress is getting back in sesssion to cut social programs in the midst of this disaster. The priorities of Bush and the GOP congress is bewildering at times.

And the Bush administration has decided to deny some religious denominations the status of a religious group when it comes to travel to Cuba. This would include the United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, Presbyterian Church USA, and the American Baptists. No word yet whether any evangelical group has been affected by this decision. But given the relationship of mainline churches with churches in Cuba, this strikes me as an attack on these churches.


At 10:35 PM , Blogger gratefulbear said...

The Bush administration feels compelled to stick to its political agenda, regardless of how many of our nation's own people may starve or die. This is not just sad, it's an abomination.

At 3:43 PM , Blogger bohemiantroubadour said...

It is time for a new Marxist Revolution done correctly. Not like 1917.

Workers Unite.


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