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Monday, September 19, 2005

A couple items caught my eye. Get Religion points out something few will, that much of our nation's debates, including over John Roberts, are not between secularists and the religious, but rather between different kinds of religiosity. While I don't share the perspective of the site they at least acknowledge that religious liberals exist and play a role in this country.

The coming inquisition of the catholic priesthood and seminaries becomes more disturbing with every news story. Celibate gay men, some who have been so for over a decade or more will likely be thrown out of seminaries and consideration for the priesthood. Also they will be looking to root out "influences of New Age and eclectic spirituality?" and dissent by students and professors of the church's teachings on sexuality.

The death of the priesthood and academic freedom in the seminaries will be made complete by Ratzinger. It's a sad day not just for Catholicism but for all of the church. And one other item. Over 300 churches of the American Baptists have split because the church has not condemned in strong enough terms gay and lesbians. If God is able to do something good with the church we can indeed believe in miracles.


At 7:52 PM , Anonymous Dawn said...

Perhaps they think a refinement by fire will make the church better.... personally I believe that what the church views as 'chaff' will be instead become the base for the upcoming underground church to take place here in America...
For our ways are not God's ways...

Just my 2ยข


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