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Friday, August 05, 2005

Took an online quiz which reports that my "model of the church is Servant. The mission of the church is to serve others, to challenge unjust structures, and to live the preferential option for the poor." What model of the church are you closest to? I also thought I'd share some quotes I've come across on the net that seemed to be of interest or pertinent to recent news.

By backing concepts that lack scientific merit, Bush is undermining his own pledge to leave no child behind. If students are to reach higher standards and compete effectively with their international peers, they must be exposed to high-quality curricula that are research based and that reflect the best available knowledge in any given field. In the science classroom, that necessitates the study of evolution, one of the most important, powerful, and well substantiated concepts in science.-American Federation of Teachers

We should always address other faith stances not only with respect and appreciation, but also with openness and the willingness to learn. They just might have something to offer that's even better than we have. It never diminishes us to recognize that someone else might know more, or have more insight than we. In fact, if we're willing, we might even learn something.- A Unitarian Universalist Florida minister

We Christians are soldiers. We're warriors for God. Stare Satan down and say, 'Bring it on. I have Jesus with me. Bring it on..' It will be a continuous battlefield, but Christ suffered for us, he expects us to do the same..I challenge you to march into battle to free those held hostage by the enemy. Stand your ground, soldiers! Godspeed, and report for duty! - a teen who particpated in a recent Assembly of God preaching contest. How evangelicals became part of military culture should not be a shock, but having youth so active in the life of the church is a lesson us religious liberals.


At 4:34 PM , Anonymous Tim said...

Hmmm. OK, I'm:

Servant Model 61%
Sacrament model 61%
Mystical Communion Model 56%
Herald Model 44%
Institutional Model 39%

"Your model of the church is Sacrament. The church is the effective sign of the revelation that is the person of Jesus Christ. Christians are transformed by Christ and then become a beacon of Christ wherever they go. This model has a remarkable capacity for integrating other models of the church."

I wonder what that means. I could hardly tell between "church is the effective sign of the revelation of Jesus" and the alternative "congregation of men & women for others" answer.

As for this fighting talk... can someone list the passages where evangelicals get it from? I can think of Ephesians 6, but that's not really about the fight so much as "stand firm". And, of course, as for the last quote about "staring Satan down"... first you have to believe in a personification of evil, then identify it...

At 8:09 AM , Blogger MEP said...

I was (approximated, b/c I forgot to copy/paste them):

Servant Model 70%
Herald Model: 56%
Mystical Communication Model: 50%
Sacrament Model: 36%
Institutional Model: 0%

The part I think is funny is that I ended up with ZERO percent institutional. Hmmmm.

At 1:39 PM , Anonymous Ben said...


Sacrament model: 83%
Mystical Communion model: 83%
Herald model: 61%
Servant model: 28%
Institutional model: 17%

To Tim's question, the basic outline for this quiz comes from a book written in 1974 by Avery Dulles entitled Models of the Church. I haven't read the book, but apparently the four models reflect Dulles’ perspective on four different models of the church at work in his day. I believe it was an attempt at ecumenism.

At 12:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if I look and listen to some of the things going on on the Web, one that really strikes me the most of recently is the phrase "intelligent design". All sorts of bells go rinkling of in my head right now. Are we being prepared for a meeting with some all mighty, highly intelligent and supreme alien being, being the, say architect of human buildingblocks? Is God really a supernatural, super powerful chemist? Is He a He? What the h... is God, or what the h... is intelligent design? What's wrong with people who are evolutionists? Is there something wrong with them? Were the UFO followers and believers all the time right? Please help me, I am confused, so, probably just not such an intelligent machine, I guess??


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