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Monday, August 29, 2005

I wanted to apologize for the huge break in posts. All those summer academic projects which I've alluded to in previous posts are pretty much due now, and so my energies have been largely directed to finishing those things up. Anything left has been given to working with Progressive Protestant in reviving a liberal protestant campus ministry at my college. This ministry in the past has had a poor track record of attracting students.

We've been dedicated to turning this around and putting student outreach as the central focus of our work. It's an uphill task but the possibilities are there. One of the issues we've discovered is that many religious liberals seem to assume that any sort of identity and rootedness in the christian tradition, any connection with a mainline body must mean that committments to openness, interfaith, and social justice work must be compromised.

The sort of programs any campus ministry would do, that could lead to christian formation, from worship to bible studies have been lacking at our center. It's odd to think that by doing this sort of christian programing we're starting new traditions with this ministry. If we want to see why evangelicalism is growing and the mainline is not, then look at the state of campus ministries. That's going to contribute greatly to the next generation of the church.

I do want to get back at a regular posting schedule. But until my academic committments are put back into order, I'm not sure how faithful I might be at this. At the same time reading where the mainline is, where politics and religion is at, in news articles around the web is a several hour/daily process which wears the soul down, instead of doing the concrete work to turn this around. Just hunting for articles had made this site increasingly laborious.

But there a number of thoughts I have, in relation to the mainline and the greater society that I'd like to continue to express. Some of this might plug into a dissertation, but I'm weighing whether this site is the best avenue to do this. It may be that Progressive Protestant and I could share a blog. Or a new way of approaching this site might need to develop. But I'm in a bit of a transition in terms of what I want to do with this, so any suggestions are welcome.


At 7:18 PM , Blogger Blue Hobgoblin said...

I'm a newcomer to this site, but I think it's great.

At 8:46 AM , Anonymous John G said...

Best of luck with your ministry!

Please post with your difficulties and successes, so we can learn from them!

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