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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I've lost my internet for a few days and this is coupeled with some pressing deadlines, so perhaps losing such access was God's way of saying that I need to get going on these other projects for now. In any case, I expect little or no postings to occur for the next few weeks as I try to take care of these deadlines. But there's been enough discouraging news that I wanted to highlight them.

Communion, which represents God's unbrokered kingdom, where all are welcome to the table, epitomized by the parable where the wealthy man went into the streets to drag anyone in who would partake in his banquet, has now become a political statement, a dividing line separating those who are in and those who are out.

Pope Benedict is urging the denial of communion for those who disagree with the church on reproductive choice and gay marriage, which are starting to become litmus tests for the church. A number of members of Canada's parliament are being denied communion by the church over their support of the recently passed gay marriage bill. One member noted that she has largely been unable to attend mass since the legislation passed.

"It hurts that you're told that you're not welcome to be a part of something that was very precious in your life..Getting the courage to go back, it's tough because you feel ostracized as far as what you believe..You become intimidated going into a church because you don't know, will I be welcome, will I be stared at?''

What the church is doing against those who find themselves in the minority Scalia proposes for the US government against religious minorities in our country. In the recent 10 commandments case Scalia writes "the Establishment Clause permits this disregard of polytheists..just as it permits the disregard of devout atheists." Government, he wrote, may favor religion "over irreligion."

So yes it does matter who becomes the next supreme court justice. Will we as a nation embrace pluralism or gov't endorsed religion? Saveourcourts.org is a group worth checking out in this fight. And lastly a Presbyterian campus pastor faces a heresy trial for his role in blessing same sex unions in TX. Suffice it to say that the direction the church and our nation is going is alarming. Maybe the world will look better when I get back from my break.


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